Women and Men Differ in Charitable Giving

Non-profit organizations should take note of a recent survey conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The study showed differences between women and men in both how much of their income they donate to charities and to what types of causes.

Results showed that women tend to spread their giving across more organizations than men. Further, 45 percent of all donors surveyed give to causes that support women and girls.

Single women are more likely than single men to give to charity. They’re also more likely to give higher dollar amounts than single men.

High net-worth single women are more likely to support the arts and environmental causes, while high net-worth single men are more likely to give to combination organizations, such as United Way.

With couples, an increase in the man’s income results in a greater likelihood of the couple giving to religious, youth, international and combined purposes organizations, such as United Way, United Jewish Appeal or Catholic Charities. When the woman’s income increases, the couple is more likely to give to charities that provide basic human needs, such as Salvation Army, American Red Cross or a homeless shelter.

The study found that in high net-worth female-deciding households, youth and family services and religious causes are more likely to be the recipients of donations. Conversely, male-deciding households are associated with a lower likelihood of giving to basic needs organizations, and give lower amounts to these organizations.

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