Top 10 U.S. Companies with Best Reputations of 2014

Earlier we told you of the 10 most hated U.S. companies of 2013.  Now we know the 10 American companies with the best reputations, as determined by the 2014 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient study.  They run the gamut from e-commerce, retail and consumer goods to high technology to entertainment.  All are mega companies with very familiar names.

According to a news release from Nielsen Holdings N.V., which acquired The Harris Poll earlier this year, the annual study surveys more than 18,000 members of the U.S. general public to measure the reputations of the 60 most visible companies in the country.

The study measures six dimensions that comprise reputation and influence consumer behavior:

  • Emotional appeal
  • Financial performance
  • Products and services
  • Social responsibility
  • Vision and leadership
  • Workplace environment

While companies are fairing better in the eyes of the public than they did at the beginning of the Great Recession, Nielsen reports, “Americans remain apprehensive about corporate use of digital information.  Overall, more than three-quarters (76%) of the general public is concerned about the amount of private information companies capture about their customers and less than half (44%) trust companies to act responsibly with such information.”

OK, OK, so just who are these top 10 companies, you ask?  Here they are.  Do you agree with the findings?

  1. Inc.
  2. The Coca-Cola Company
  3. Apple Inc.
  4. The Walt Disney Company
  5. Honda Motor Company Ltd.
  6. Costco Wholesale Corporation
  7. Samsung
  8. Whole Foods Market Inc.
  9. Microsoft Corporation
  10. Sony Corporation

For more information about each company, see 24/7 Wall St.

By the way, in case you’re dying to know what company was #60, at the very bottom of the reputation popularity list, it’s Bank of America.