Sign Up with PetVibe to Enjoy Travel Discounts While Generating Cash to Support Foster Army

Ahhh, summer…  That time of year when school’s out and many people leave work and responsibilities behind to head for the mountains…or rivers…or beaches.  Or maybe it’s the air-conditioned comfort of a resort for you. 

Wherever you plan to go for your vacation, or even your next business trip, Foster Army Animal Rescue (FAAR) has a deal for you!  Thanks to a new partnership with PetVibe Inc., a mobile app and web platform for animal lovers and supporters, you can save substantial money on your next trip and support FAAR at the same time.  

Foster Army was the first nonprofit animal rescue organization in the United States to partner with PetVibe, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which in addition to being an enhanced social networking platform for pet owners and supporters, operates PetVibe Travel, a program providing discounted rates on airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars and vacation packages. Think Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia and other travel booking sites, but better.  

The difference between all of those booking sites and PetVibe Travel is that PetVibe shares its profits with its partner charities.  An average of 3.5 percent of the final, discounted cost of airfare, hotel rooms and rental cars is contributed to the nonprofits.

For example, say you search for and reserve a hotel room through PetVibe Travel with a market rate is $128.94 per night.  With an average savings through PetVibe Travel of 27 percent, you would pay $94.13 per night for the room.  If you had named Foster Army Animal Rescue as your nonprofit of choice – and we hope you did! – FAAR would receive an average of 3.5 percent of the $94.13, or $3.29 per night multiplied by the number of nights you booked the room.  

Wasn’t that a painless way to donate?  You saved $32.84 per night and supported FAAR at the same time by doing what you would have done anyway in order to plan your vacation or business trip without any additional money coming out of your pocket.  A win-win for all!

Sign Up Today!

To get started on planning your next getaway and supporting FAAR, go to, scroll down the home page, and click on the “Find out more” button alongside “Book your summer travel with PetVibe.”  That will take you to the travel portal’s sign-in page where you can register for free and then start searching for your travel savings.  There is no membership fee, no cost to use the travel portal, no hidden charges.

While you’re enjoying fun in the sun, on the ski slopes, or wherever your travels take you, you can feel good knowing that Foster Army Animal Rescue will be putting your contribution to good use saving the lives of our society’s animals most in danger of being euthanized in county and city shelters and providing them with the medical care, rehabilitation and socialization they require in order to find their forever homes.

The PetVibe Travel program, powered by Givifi, is part of the nonprofit PetVibe Foundation.  Paul Nault, founder/CEO of PetVibe, pointed out in a recent meeting in Corona, CA, with TheWet Nose News editors, that some people don’t know what organization they want to support or they want to support more than one organization.  These people can name the foundation as their charity of choice and still save money on their travel, he said, or they can donate money directly to the foundation.  Either way, the foundation will distribute the funds equally to its partner nonprofit organizations, FAAR included.

“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to be a nonprofit partner of PetVibe Foundation,” said Dick Kirby, president of FAAR.  “This will be a benefit for both our supporters and Foster Army.  They’ll be rewarded with savings on their travel while enabling money to be donated to assist with the lifesaving, and costly, work we do every day.  We look forward to developing our relationship with PetVibe and growing our supporter base.”

PetVibe is a social networking platform providing more than travel savings.  It’s where pet owners can meet like-minded folks in their communities; share ideas, stories and photos; find support regarding pet ownership; find pet-related businesses, events and meetings; share information about lost and found pets; and support compassionate organizations.  The PetVibe app is GPS-based so users are able to pull up information related to their local pet communities.

“PetVibe was created in part to expand and unite the pet-loving community.  We are very excited to be a part of this innovative new app!” said Kimberlee Powell, pet care manager and co-founder of FAAR.  “We love being able to stay on top of topics that are important to pet owners, learn about pet-related merchandise, events, and news, plus enjoy all of the adorable photos posted by proud pet parents.”

“PetVibe is all about giving back to the community, and we are honored to be a beneficiary of their travel portal,” she added. 

Nault, who is in the U.S. on an extended business trip, explained that the idea came to him in 2015 when he was watching a television show about the top billionaires in Canada.  What struck a cord with him were the entrepreneurs who had created community-based resources, such as Uber, which are changing the way business is done.  

“I asked myself, ‘What industry has not been done?’” he said.  “Pets!  I have never heard of an all-inclusive platform for pets, and the idea was born!” He envisions PetVibe, as it continues to expand its number of partnerships, services and communities, will be a go-to place for all things pets.

First California, Then the Country

What brings Nault and PetVibe to southern California from Canada? 

“The numbers,” he quickly responded.  “I picked southern California for the population numbers,” adding that in 2012 he had attended an event in California for service dogs and realized how many pet enthusiasts and pet-related organizations there are here.

Nault points out that 95 percent of North American adults have said they prefer using online channels when researching travel, with 83 percent of them actually booking travel.  Further, he says the travel market is forecasted to reach $232.49 billion by 2021 in the United States alone. 

If only 10 percent of that amount were spent through PetVibe Travel, mega millions would be contributed to nonprofit charities partnering with PetVibe Foundation.

To learn more about PetVibe and its many features, and to download the free community pet app, go to  The PetVibe app is also available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Editor’s note: This article was written by Jean Clement for Foster Army Animal Rescue‘s newsletter, “The Wet Nose News.”