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Russian Hackers Steal 1.2B Email Addresses, Passwords

Forget about “The Russians are coming”! They’re already here! Russian cyber thieves may be hacking your company or personal web site right now, or using or selling the data they’ve already collected. Hold Security, an information security and investigations company, has discovered that a Russian cyber gang has robbed more than 420,000 web and FTP sites worldwide, amassing more than 4.5 billion records, mostly stolen credentials. 1.2 billion of these credentials appear to be unique sets of e-mail addresses and passwords.

How did this happen? According to Hold Security, the cyber gang acquired databases from hackers on the black market. Then the gang used the databases to attack email providers, social media and other web sites in order to distribute spam and install malicious redirections on computer systems.

Additionally, the hackers gained access to data from botnet networks, a large group of virus-infected computers controlled by one criminal system, to identify SQL vulnerabilities on the sites they visited.

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