Playing with Toys at Work Makes Employees Happier, More Productive

We’ve heard the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, all work and no play also can make Jack stressed, bored and unproductive.

Taking time to play is good for one’s psyche whether one works for a Fortune 500 company or in a home office. Breaks from the stress and grind of staring at computer screens, crunching numbers, making phone calls, sitting in meetings, or whatever one’s job entails are essential for mental and physical health.

For years high-tech startups, in particular, have fostered, if not insisted on a casual, fun work environment where play is important. It shouldn’t be surprising that the young entrepreneurs who founded and lead these companies want this type of culture. Many of them aren’t much past college age.

Whether they realized it or not at the time they founded their companies, they were on to something. Studies are showing that fiddling with toys and gadgets while at work isn’t a waste of time. It actually improves mind-body interaction in a host of ways.

Playing with objects with one’s hands helps workers to relax, clear the mind, relieve mental and physical strain, and relieve boredom, confusion and distraction. It also helps them to focus, concentrate, think clearly and creatively, and increase productivity.

Who knew simple little toys could do so much?

Office toys can be something simple with which to fiddle when sitting in a meeting or talking on the phone, such as a pen, clip, squeezable stress reliever, or desk accessory with moving parts, and even beads, small balls or stones.

When people want to take a break and get their minds and eyes off their work for a few minutes, they may reach for something more engaging, such as a puzzle, molding clay, spring coil (think Slinky), magnetic desk sculpture, yo-yo, or bubbles, and, yes, a coloring book. (Color books for adults are not your kids’ coloring books.)

If managers want an easy, inexpensive way to help employees relax, or to show customers your company cares about their wellbeing, give them toys. Of course, you’ll want them custom-imprinted so the recipients will think positively of your company whenever they’re fiddling!

Contact Limelight for promotional marketing ideas and custom-imprinted toys. We’d be delighted to help you make the work environment a happier and more productive place for all.

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