Of Days Gone By – If Barber Chairs Could Talk

By Jean Clement

Throughout my years, I have met all kinds of people.  Big people.  Little People.  Nice people and nasty people.  The young and the old.  Rich and poor.

There have been the eccentric school teacher, the successful businessman, the famous musician, the pushy insurance agent, and everybody’s favorite postman.

There have been the old retired guys – the regulars – who came by just to kill some time and chat for awhile.

And the wiggly little kids who couldn’t sit still for a minute, as well as the young men following in their fathers’ footsteps.

And, oh, the cheeks I’ve rubbed!  From big fat ones to cute little ones, and even some quite boney ones.

You wouldn’t believe the many, many stories I’ve heard!  Anything from long dissertations on the old geezer’s aches and pains to the teenager’s boasting about how his home run won the league championship.

Of course, nasty rumors were always a part of the day:  the local police officer and the restaurant owner’s wife.  And the old lady in the big house up on the hill who was heard doing strange things late at night.

Oh, the jokes I’ve heard!  Whew!  Not too many could be repeated in mixed company, I must say.

But debates over sports and politics, those were what usually filled the air each day.

Yes, those were the good ol’ days.  The barber shop is gone now.  I’m no longer needed.  Maybe someone will come by this antiques store soon and want to give me a comfortable place to live out my remaining years.  Someone who cherishes the days gone by as much as I do.