Men and Women Use Social Media for Different Purposes

Social media has become a way of life, part of the fabric of our society.  To some individuals it’s all-encompassing.  For business people and communicators, it’s important to know why their customers and target audiences use social media in order to generate effective content, select the appropriatemedium for the message, and achieve the desired results.

Studies show that men and women use social media and mobile devices for different purposes and have different levels of engagement.  Writers Alex Hillsberg and David Adelman compiled data from studies on social media use done by Pew Research Center, Nielsen and other research companies for an article published on

More men than women look to social media for business and dating.  Women, on the other hand, more often than men use social media for relationships, sharing, entertainment, and self-help.

Companies using social media for promoting their brands should take note that more men than women want quick access to deals and information and will scan coupons and QR codes.  Women want encounters with brands and will like and follow a brand in order to get deals.

More men than women pay attention to social media and mobile text ads.  It’s no surprise that men prefer ads with car, sports, action and sexual themes.  Or that women prefer ads with sentimental, family, kids and pets themes and ads showing real-life situations.  Both genders like ads that are humorous or aspirational, have value, or feature celebrity endorsements.

What this article does not provide, unfortunately, is a breakdown of the genders by age, a key element that’s important to many companies and communicators.