Calendars, the Cost-Effective Year-Long Marketing Tool

Calendars are the gifts that keep on giving…or informing, or educating, or entertaining every day for an entire year. And when they’re custom imprinted, they also remind recipients and everyone around them of the giver’s business. Because calendars have a 365-day shelf life, they’re a very cost-effective marketing tool for any business.

When we think of calendars, we usually envision ones that hang on the wall with photographs of beautiful scenes, flowers or art, or cute animals, hot cars or cool kids.

Yet, calendars aren’t just for walls. They come in many forms, styles, sizes and materials. They can show us a day at a time, or a week, month or the entire year at a glance.

There are many styles for desktops. And then there are calendars with magnets to affix to anything metal, and calendars printed on rulers, bookmarks, picture frames, note pads, foam and paper mouse pads, decals, wallet cards, and greeting cards. And don’t forget planners and perpetual calendars.

When deciding on the type of calendar for your company’s marketing, the simplest and sometimes economical way to go is with a stock calendar imprinted with your company’s name, logo and contact information. There are many varieties and themes available to suit any business type and budget.

But who’s to say you can’t be different and memorable by creating a calendar that’s out of the ordinary – perhaps using a product your company manufactures or reflects a service you provide. A calendar design is limited only by your imagination…and the surface on which the type and images are to be printed. Print a calendar on placemats, aprons, textbook jackets, tote bags, or perhaps roll-up window shades!

I have a framed art poster hanging in my office with a very outdated calendar across the bottom. But that’s OK. I love the art and to this day I’m reminded of the professional organization that designed and distributed it oh so long ago.

Calendars can do much more than be decorative and tell people what day it is. Custom-designed and printed calendars are fabulous vehicles for conveying messages related to your business. They can showcase your products, services, events or advertisements. They can provide tips, how-to’s, reminders, recipes, coupons and discounts, special dates important to your customers or in the community, contests, trivia, motivation.

Calendars are excellent fundraising products for schools and charitable organizations. Schools can imprint calendars with class schedules, activities, events and sports schedules. Non-profits can use them to feature programs and services, provide education and/or announce milestones and events.

A study done by the Promotional Products Association International showed that 72% of recipients could remember the product, service or message advertised on calendars they had received. Also, 82% of households surveyed enjoy receiving calendars as a complementary gift.

It’s still not too late to order calendars to give to customers into January. Contact Limelight ASAP so we can help you get your 2016 marketing off on the right foot.

If you want to create a unique calendar for 2017, let’s talk about it soon so there will be plenty of time for concept development, design, copywriting and photography if needed, printing and fabrication. The weeks and months have a way of flying by.

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